Highlights of the tour

  • Fast and comfortable boat
  • Gourmet cuisine
  • Discover the exciting diving grounds around Cocos Island.


Price from $ 170 per person/day


  • Services of Captain, Chef/Hostess
  • Running cost of yacht (fuel & berthing)
  • 3 main meals each day & snacks & fruits
  • Coffee, tea & iced water
  • Linen & bath towels


  • Airline flights, transfers or hotels
  • Travel & Health Insurance which covers medical evacuations
  • Soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits, cocktails
Welcome! Thread lightly!

We offer a choice of two modern, comfortable, boats for up to 18 guests.

It is a long voyage to the island, but one that serious divers are happy to make. The experiences
one will have on this trip are sure to spice up any logbook. Borading the boat at San José, Costa Rica with an interntional airport, the cruise to Cocos Island takes 32-36 hours and culminates with breathtaking views of numerous waterfalls.

Diving here is just short of unbelievable.

In the waters of Cocos Island, you will dive with white tips and hammerhead sharks, marbled
stingrays approaching 6' in diameter, manta rays up to 12' across, giant moray eels and an
occasional whale shark! Additionally, you will see moorish Idols, large schools of jacks and tuna,
creole fish, lobsters, octopus and other various reef life. Silky sharks, silver tips, sailfish, marlin,
and green turtles are also in the area.

The key word in describing Cocos Island diving is ACTION!!! If you are looking for adventure, it's here! Conditions around Cocos are varied. The one constant factor at Cocos is change. Currents are at times strong and unusually changeable. Diving could become strenuous, but not more that any experienced diver could handle. Visibility averages 80-100' with occasional extremes of 40' and 120'. With this in mind, be prepared for some of the best diving of your life.


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