We do hope that in all likelihood you will never run across a problem. But when the unwanted and unexpected happens...

We can really strongly recommend to take a comprehensive Health & Travel Insurance. Eco-Trails Asia does not offer insurance but there are many companies 'out there' providing excellent service. Just ask friends or Google, read the experience and shop around. The little extra amount spent on insurance may well be the best investment ever. Let alone the fact that it adds to the peace of mind. Moreover, according to certain not so quite understandable laws the likelihood of an accident is so much lower for the insured persons compared to the non-insured ones ;-)


A comprehensive insurance policy covers most if not all the unexpected events that may occur. Your Insurance policy should cover at least the personal accident and medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation, baggage loss, and cancellation or curtailment of holiday. You should like to add your international air tickets into the policy as well as other parts of your vacations (not just the Eco-Trails trip). Read the 'small print' to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Medical facilities in the region are often unable to provide the full range of medical services that you would perhaps expect. Often, evacuation to a more sophisticated facility becomes an important issue especially in many non-life threatening medical situations depending on your country of travel. The costs of evacuation as well as international standard care are usually quite elevated. We have seen a helicopter airlift after an accident with the injured lady wise enough to have this transportation covered.


Many insurance companies require you to take the insurance at the same time as you make the booking or within a short time span. So if you intend to take the insurance policy, you should do so without delay. Best at the tme of booking.


Take the above as a friendly advice only. It is certainly your choice. You may decide to take a calculated risk and travel uninsured.