There is only one resort on this beautiful island. Just eight bungalows, tastefully hidden at the seashore.

From ours it took 9 steps to reach the sea at high tide, (at low tide it took 15 steps). It will take you an hour to get here by boat from the mainland. But the trip is worth the time. Well, it is not a place to come for the party goers. Apart from the resort, there is 'nothing' around – no restaurants, no bars, no discos. At the resort you will not find TV, WiFi, electricity is just enough to charge your phone, batteries or mp3 player. There mobile signal from a single operator – Metfone. Don't believe that Cellcard works here ;-)

The bungalows, though simple were at the second glance better than most we have slept in over the past month. Spacious, with simple but practical bamboo shelves which easily contained all our belongings. The bathroom has the shower separated from the toilet and washbasin area – again above average. The bed was large and comfortable, with very well designed mosquito net hanging above it. The balcony/terrace belonging to the bungalow have room enough for two rattan chairs and a small table, plus two comfy hammocks.

The restaurant offers a reasonably wide selection of drinks and food. Draught and canned biers, decent coffee with fresh milk, fresh juices and shakes, wines and cocktails. The prices are moderate given the fact you are on an island with every single item needing to be brought here (and often also back). During our four day's stay we have tried many dishes and liked all of them. If you get lucky, you will come across a homemade cake, cooked by the landlady. All this with European level service and friendly smiles.

The landlord is responsible for the technical side of the resort design and you can see the engineering skill and the amount of thoughts given to it. Generator to have the electricity, well for sweet water, biological water cleaning station and the design of the bungalows themselves.

The sandy, long beach offers opportunity for swimming as well as for snorkeling on the house reef. Well, not in the rainy season, then the visibility is really poor and can down to half a meter. But in the dry season it gets better. In addition, on the neighbouring Koh Ses you will get some 5-10 meters visibility and the corals are still in good shape with abundant marine life. The resort organises boat trips there for a small fee for a day of snorkeling. You can also take a double kayak and venture around or to the neighboring island.

We can only recommend it to those travellers who wish to relax in peace while admiring the sea, the birds, the butterflies and the virgin nature.